Licensing Plans

WinMax4® is available under two different models that take maximum advantage of cloud accommodation.

If whether your preference goes to S+S or SaaS is up to you - our price is the same.


[ Software Plus Services ]

What’S Included?

  • User’s License
  • Updates

This is a technological model, served by a constant evolution of the application, and the the solution is installed in your infrastructure.

Our Favorite


[ Software As A Service ]

What’S Included?

  • User’s License
  • Updates
  • Automatic Backups

Also a technological model, only this time installed on our servers, allowing you to safely get the most and best out of cloud accommodation.

SAAS Advantages:

By being hosted on our servers, it saves you money on equipment and infrastructure. All you need is a device with an internet connection to access the application.

There’s no need for additional services such as Backups (included) or technical visits* as the maintenance is done directly and regularly on our servers.


* Technical Services not included.

Please contact our Sales Department for more information.